Pictures saving formats


  • JPG: the most commonly used file format. Jpg files can be saved in 72 dpi for web uses or 300 dpi for print uses).


  • TIFF and RAW : these uncompressed formats are perfect for advanced image retouching, especially if you are used to working on Photoshop or any other editing software. Please check you have selected RAW quality in the software options to be able to export your images to RAW format. 
  • PNG: format for image files on a transparent background
  • TIFF ALPHA: uncompressed format for files on a transparent background. Transparent image layer can be edited separately on editing software. 
  • Magnifier: integrate a scalable magnifier on your pictures. When you check this box, you will then get the ability to either generate a picture with a magnifier as a HTML5 or a Flash file. 
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