Create your first pictures

Please follow these steps to make your pictures:

  1. Click on the Preview button.
  2. Place your product as desired.

  3. Zoom to the closest on your product.

  4. Adjust the light intensity of your lamps (available on PackshotCreator R series and MaestroBot series) 
  5. Adjust if necessary the camera parameters:

- Sensitivity:

This setting shouldn't be set above 400, preferably 100 or 200.

- Aperture:

This setting will impact on your depth of field. The larger the value is, the greater depth of field the picture will get, which results in a small sharp area around the focus point and large progressive blur in the background.

We advice you choose a value around 11.

- Shutter speed

Small figures = longer shutter speeds = more light
Large figures = shorter shutter speeds = less light

6. Crop the image with the Crop tool.

Note: you can predefine cropping ratio to make sure you get homogeneous image sizes.

7. Click on Photo. Your image will appear on the interface.

8. If you are satisfied with the settings and wish to use them again in the future, click on the Save parameters icon in the camera setting window to save the custom camera and LED settings as profile.

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