Shoot your products under multiple angles and create a 360-degree animation


  • Click on the 3D button displayed at the top right of the software



  • Click on 360° animation

  • You can use help tools in the software to best position your product. Click on Position to check your product is at the center of the turntable.


  • You must check that:

- Your camera tripod is well balanced

- The vertical line displayed on screen is pointing to the center of the turntable



-Check that the product is centered compared to this vertical line

 - In the next step, the product should still be centered to this vertical line. If not, adjust the product's position.


  • Click on Rotate 360° and check that the product is still well in the crop area.


  •  Follow the steps indicated on the software to define:

- Angles to shoot: selecting 180°, 120°... may be useful if you don't wish to show a complete 360° view of your product.

- Turntable speed: selecting Low turntable speed can be useful when shooting products that are likely to move from one shot to another, ie bottles with liquid inside. With low turntable speed, you will minimize/suppress all product movement.

Number of images to shoot: for web uses, we recommend using 20 to 24 frames to get at the same time optimized download speed and fluidity. For offline projects, we recommend 40 frames on.

- Click on Photo to start the 360-degree capture.

  •  Once the set of images has been captured, you can:

- Add additional views

- Batch edit the images

- Add text annotations on some frames

- Save either the frames as separate still images or let the software assemble all views to generate an interactive 360-degree view, in HTML5 or Flash format.


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