Custom sequence : How to shoot precise angles of your product

The PackshotCreator Software allows you to shoot very specific angles of your products.

This could be very useful if you'll need to show some sides of your items.

These steps will help you get the most of this functionnality.

1) Click on "3D" on the upper right corner, in order to launch the process.

2) Select the "Custom Sequence" menu

3) Select "Create New" to start creating a new profile. You'll choose the exact angles and views that you want to see.

4) After correctly centering your product and camera, click "Next"

5) Select the angles you want by selecting the appropriate degree. Select "Go to position" to check the angle, and adjust it if needed.

Confirm then the position by selecting "Define Position"

Make the same procedure for all the needed positions.

6) Once you selected all the positions, select "Next" in order to give a name to your custom sequence, making it easily findable.

7) Your custom Sequence is now created.

In order to use the desired sequence, you'll just need to "Select the profile" and hit OK.

Select "Next" and "Next" on the following windows and then hit "Photo"




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