How to register and activate my PackshotViewer software

Once the installation process is finished, you will need to activate the software by entering a 8-figure activation code.

You will need to register to receive the code by email. To do so, click on the Register button on the software interface.

You will access to this interface.

If you can't view this interface, please go to and enter the required information.



You will receive the activation code right away to the email address put in the form. Please check your spams.

The activation Code
expires within 24 hours. If expired, you need to register again to obtain a new Activation Code.Creator pour utiliser PackshotViewer.

Users can register up to 3 times to install the software on multiple PC’s or in case the activation failed.
Note: you don’t need to connect your PackshotCreator equipment while working with PackshotViewer.

For more information about the use of PackshotViewer, please refer to the attached user guide.

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